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MLVA ring trial 2007

the VNTR ring trial results 2007 are now available (see following letter)

Jena, April 28, 2008

Dear participants of the 1st Brucella spp. VNTR ring trial2007,

Thank You for participating to this first ring trial and sending your results. We hope the work was not too straining. From 20 participating labs we have received 15 result data sheets up to now. One lab had to cancel the participation for technical reasons. Another lab showed no recent sign of life. The other 3 labs are late due to different problems. But they want to do their best to send us the results within the next weeks. To sum up, we believe, and hope you will share this view, that this first ring trial was a great success. It is a starting point from which we should go forward. The next step could be a second ring trial which could be organized by another lab alone or together with us. It is clear that if we agree that MLVA is a valuable approach for Brucella genotyping, then we need to run such ringtrials each year, and advertise them. We will also set-up the results on the MLVA Brucella web site. Please read the results carefully. If there are some mistakes do not hesitate to contact us. This ring trial e-mail network and web site should be a platform to discuss questions and problems around Brucella MLVA. We hope to hear from you soon and are impatient to start the next ring trial with other “unknown” strains. [If you have any problem to open the lab-code, please give me a short info. See e-mail] In general, results are very good, and most often, it seems mistakes could easily be corrected. So we do hope you will all wish to participate to a second ring trial, and advertise it to your colleagues.

Best regards

Gilles and Falk

PS April 28th : the "VNTR Ring Trial results corrected" have now been posted

summary for ringtrial2007 - 13.3 kb

complete results file - 73.1 kb