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The primary purpose of this website is to provide general assistance to the use of the MicrobesGenotyping databases, hosted in the Paris-Saclay University in Orsay or by other associated sites.

The website is developed by Paris-Saclay University.

Creation and development of genotyping databases is possible for everyone interested. The MLVAnet page and associated ressources constitute a joint project of the scientific community in the field.

The website also contains public databases which can be queried. The results of these queries may be used and published by the users. However, this website must be acknowledged in all publications, in addition to the relevant articles corresponding to a given database.

The preferred format of the acknowledgement is : "This publication made use of the MicrobesGenotyping website ( developed by Paris-Saclay University." Furthermore we ask users to cite the following reference :

Grissa I, Bouchon P, Pourcel C, Vergnaud G. On-line resources for bacterial micro-evolution studies using MLVA or CRISPR typing. Biochimie. 2007

Individuals may download the public databases and use the content for individual and non-commercial purposes only. Copies of the MicrobesGenotyping databases may not be used without permission to produce database driven web server or any other product or service.

We reserve the right to enforce security measures and remove accounts and databases if we detect abuse of the website.

We cannot be held liable for any misuse of data held on this site or for any consequences of errors, loss or corruption of data, or of down-time of the site. The Orsay group is not responsible for the quality of data presented in the public or private databases, which relies solely on their respective curators. The Orsay group will not use its position as webmaster to access private data hosted by the site.

We hope this site will prove to be useful, and will help foster genotyping fo a better control of pathogens.

Last edited june 2016