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The aim of this site is to facilitate pathogenic bacteria strain genotyping essentially for epidemiological purposes. Typing refers to any assay providing results which can be stored in a table.

The service is provided "as is" to the user’s own risks. The user is solely responsible for the interpretation of the results.

The site provides essentially two services. The initial service is to make published genotyping data accessible via a simple interface. This basic concept was initially described and proposed in 2002 by Le Flèche et al. The second service is that independently of publications, any investigator or group of investigators can host and share private genotyping databases and produce simple clustering analyses using this free resource.

In some instances, a "support site" is available, for a specific community. Usually this support site is associated with a public database. Such support sites are available for Brucella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. General information on the way to generate genotype data and to identify isolates against the current reference collections can be found in Help for genotyping. Links to more specific information (links to articles, protocols, primer information) can be obtained from within the individual databases or the dedicated support sites.

In summary, two sets of databases are available. The first set is public access, and is derived from essentially published data. For a given species, and when this makes sense, data from different publications have been merged.

The second set is restricted access. These are ongoing projects. Anyone can initiate such projects and associated databases, define a group, and invite people to join this group.

We hope you will find this tool of use for your work. Check the policy of this site before using it.