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Brucella2012 released

Brucella2012 has been released. It contains published MLVA data from more than 1400 isolates. The data can be accessed via the version 4 MLVA site.

Important points:

1-the coding convention for Bruce19 is changing. Due to an internal 15 bp microdeletion in some rare alleles, the allele size distribution looks as if the repeat unit was 3 bp long. In order to cope with this, the coding convention has been changed as follows : initial convention : bruce19-BRU324_6bp_163bp_18u new convention : bruce19-BRU324_3bp_163bp_36u

To convert your Bruce19 data, one quick fix is to multiply by 2. This is not always correct, so a one repeat unit difference at this locus must be considered cautiously. Please also check the updated allele assignment table. With our apologies for this inconvenience.

2-may be of interest: you can now with the version 4 MLVA site not only set up and maintain your own database, but also propose to aggregate this database to the general Brucella database.

Contact us for more details.