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This site is discontinued. Last updates june 2009, as part of the MLVA training course. Please go to our main page,

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Brucella genotyping

Garcia-Yoldi et al. evaluate in this report published in "Vaccine" the stability of the tandem repeat loci used in the MLVA16 assay, by typing a collection of field isolates of the vaccine strain Rev1.

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Legionella pneumophila : validation of a new MLVA in 3 countries, UK, IT, FR

Christine Pourcel and collaborators published in the April issue of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology an MLVA typing assay for Legionella pneumophila. The assay is based upon ten robust loci, and was successfully tested on the reference strains panels established by the european consortium EWGLI. This report is a very significant improvement of the initial assay published by Pourcel et al. in 2003, and was made possible by the release of additional Legionella pneumophila genome (...)

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To be noted

L’atelier MLVA 2009 aura lieu les 3, 4 et 5 juin à Orsay

Les inscriptions sont closes pour l’ atelier MLVA2009. Compte tenu de l’intérêt suscité par (...)

New domain name for MLVA WebServices

The University Paris-Sud (U-PSUD) has created a new domain name to host the MLVA WebService : (...)

Registration for the MLVA2007 course is closed

Registration to the MLVA2007 course to be held december 3rd to 5th is closed due to limited (...)

Just published : MLVA and CRISPRs Web services

Grissa et al. have just published in a special "in silico biology" issue of the Biochimie (...)

Go to the 8th IMMEM May 14-17th, 2008, Poland

The next (8th) International Meeting on Microbial Epidemiological Markers (IMMEM) will be held (...)

Cours de génotypage

Du 3 au 5 décembre 2007, le Val de Grâce accueillera à Paris ce qui sera probablement le premier (...)