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To be noted

First MLVA ring trial : join now !

Participate to the first MLVA ring trial.

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Brucellosis 2008

The Brucellosis 2008 International Conference (Including the 61st Brucellosis Research Conference) will be held 10 - 13 September 2008 at the Royal Holloway College, University of London, United Kingdom

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Second MLVA ring trial : join now !

Participate to the second MLVA ring trial

Announcement of Brucella ring trial 2009

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2016, May 19th, major Brucella database update

The Brucella database has been updated, it now contains genotyping data from over 4000 strains of worldwide origin.

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2018, Brucella version 4_3 database update

Together with a significant upgrade of the MicrobesGenotyping web interface (version 1.4.0) the Brucella database has just been updated. It now contains genotype from 5611 strains, including more than 900 in silico deduced profiles.

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