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Utilities (protocols, etc.)

Tips, protocols, information, for setting-up basic MLVA typing

Protocol for agarose-gel typing set-up

MLVA data can be produced by a number of methods, so it can be run in any laboratory setting. For large-scale projects (hundreds of strains) it is more comfortable and less time consuming to use to use capillary electrophoresis equipment to measure PCR DNA fragment length. Lista et al., BMC microbiology 2006 multiplex 8 loci in a single PCR in their Bacillus anthracis MLVA assay. It is important to understand that all methods, i.e. agarose or more sophisticated methods, will produce the (...)

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Table for allele assignement

This table makes possible to easily convert the allele sizes (bp) into number of repeats (u). All alleles indicated have been observed at least once in the collection of isolates investigated so far. On april 2013 version 3.6, new allele sizes observed in sequenced genomes On march 2013 version 3.4 replaced version 3.3 (dated june 2009). Main changes: Bruce21, Bruce12 and Bruce19; table presentation. On june 2009 version 3.3 replaced version 3.1 (dated september 2007). Main changes : new (...)

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Brucella TR names

Brucella tandem repeats aliases

The attached table provides the correspondance between the different names used for Brucella tandem repeats. For a number of reasons, different investigators may be using different names for the same locus. Since this correspondance table is edited manually from the litterature, some aliases may have been missed. Do not hesitate to mention missing data.

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