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What you need to know to get started

From the MicrobesGenotyping web page click "databases" at the right end side. This takes you to the list of public databases which can be viewed, queried, exported, without a login and pwd. Usually, such databases will correspond to published data. Often, databases for on-going projects may also exist, the creator of the public version may be an appropriate point of contact.

Creating your own databases or contributing to a group

1-create an account on http://microbesgenotyping.i2bc.pari... and login 2-export one of the public databases in order to create an example datafile ; select the relevant CSV (comma-separated values) delimiter and “export” 3-use the resulting file to create a new database ; 4-prepare your own csv datafile ; the assignation of field types and the definition of panels in the import file are optional and can be defined afterwards. 5-click “create new database”, select the CSV datafile 6-define fields to be imported, field category, geolocalisation field if present ; assign database to a group or keep personal ; define database as public 7-WARNING : since creating but also deleting databases is quite easy, it is strongly recommended to keep a copy of the full dataset.

Tips : To update a database : export, modify the file, re-import Database made from multiple contributions :
- agree on a format (field names) to be shared and used by all.
- agree on a coordinator ; the coordinator creates the database, assigned to a new group ; defines group participants ; the participants import their data using a strictly identical framework, even if some columns are empty.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact David Christiany, david.christiany[at]