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Frequently asked questions

What is a csv data file and how can I make one ? A csv text file is a file in which "fields" or data values are separated by commas ("csv" stands for "commas separated values"). Commas are "," or " ;" (french style).

A number of tools can be used to export a table as a csv file.

I cannot import my csv datafile.

First try to export one of the small public databases and use the resulting csv file as starting point to get familiar with the site.

How can I update my database ?

The standard way is to export the current database, make modifications, then re-import. If you have made major changes, such as changing field names, creating new columns, then you should create a new database and delete the previous one. Other changes can be applied by a simple import in the existing database.

Last edited june 2016

sample csv file - 135 octets