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Suggested reading

Additional reading specific for genotyping based upon tandem repeats polymorphisms : a general MLVA review (2006), by Vergnaud and Pourcel (book chapter) a short description of the MLVA web ressources (2008), by Grissa et al.

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The aim of this site is to facilitate pathogenic bacteria strain genotyping essentially for epidemiological purposes. Typing refers to any assay providing results which can be stored in a table. The service is provided "as is" to the user’s own risks. The user is solely responsible for the interpretation of the results. The site provides essentially two services. The initial service is to make published genotyping data accessible via a simple interface. This basic concept was initially (...)

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What is this site useful for ?

On this site you can do two main things : 1-you can query public databases with your typing data produced according to the appropriate protocol/assay (usually described on the corresponding data base support site and/or publications) 2-you can make your own typing databases This is one major interest of this site. The quality and eventually value of what you will produce is under your entire responsibility. A database can be kept private or made public. A group can be defined to manage (...)

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What is a csv data file and how can I make one ? A csv text file is a file in which "fields" or data values are separated by commas ("csv" stands for "commas separated values"). Commas are "," or " ;" (french style). A number of tools can be used to export a table as a csv file. I cannot import my csv datafile. First try to export one of the small public databases and use the resulting csv file as starting point to get familiar with the site. How can I update my database ? The (...)

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What you need to know to get started

From the MicrobesGenotyping web page click "databases" at the right end side. This takes you to the list of public databases which can be viewed, queried, exported, without a login and pwd. Usually, such databases will correspond to published data. Often, databases for on-going projects may also exist, the creator of the public version may be an appropriate point of contact. Creating your own databases or contributing to a group 1-create an account on (...)

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The primary purpose of this website is to provide general assistance to the use of the MicrobesGenotyping databases, hosted in the Paris-Saclay University in Orsay or by other associated sites. The website is developed by Paris-Saclay University. Creation and development of genotyping databases is possible for everyone interested. The MLVAnet page and associated ressources constitute a joint project of the scientific community in the field. The website also contains public databases (...)

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Announcing the release of MicrobesGenotyping

MicrobesGenotyping has just been released. The previous site will keep running as is as far as (...)